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engagement photography dallastown pa

Congratulations On Your Engagement

The agonizing wait has finally come to pass. The brave young man finally popped the question. Or it could have been the distinguished or refined or experienced gentleman that asked the all-important question, because these days, as they make progress in their own professional lives, more and more men and women are choosing to put off marriage until much later in their lives until such time that they are well and truly prepared. The wait is worth the while because these days it is never easy to hold a good marriage together.

engagement photography dallastown pa

So many challenges that can rock the boat of what should be a blissful marriage. It should be blissful because that’s how love rocks. Isn’t that what it is all about? Shouldn’t folks only be getting married because they really mean it. Shouldn’t they only be marrying the one they really love. With all their heart and with all their soul. Never easy to pull right in this day and age. Or what do you think about this.

Do forgive the nostalgia and sentiment of the erstwhile romantic who simply does not have the courage that you have. To get engaged in this day and age? Really. It is a longstanding tradition to commemorate the entire event of the wedding occasion with the help of a professional photographer who should have a passion for the occasion. Why not bring that date, with the photographer, forward by engaging with an engagement photography dallastown pa studio. Or you could invite him to the very spot where the very important question was popped.

H’mm, readers do wonder where this could have been. On the mountain? By the quiet river? Down at the waterfront? At the girl’s house, with her parents somewhere in the backgroundÂ…