Is it Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Is it time to upgrade the electrical panel in your home? Perhaps the time has come to find electricians tacoma wa to make this upgrade, which also adds improved safety and peace of mind to the day. But, is an upgrade really necessary or is it an expense your better left avoiding for now?

The electrical panel is the central connector for all of the wires from outside of the home to the wires inside the home. Your electricity company also powers the home using the electrical panel. Sometimes it’s called a breaker box or a fuse box. If you need to disconnect power to the home for a reason or if the power fails, you’ll go to the electrical panel to find the problem.

Circuit breaker panels have a lifetime of 25 to 40 years. However, there are many problems that may diminish this lifetime or cause problems that require you to make an upgrade. Some homeowners want to upgrade their panel simply to ensure they have the latest and greatest that technology brings their way.

You should consider upgrading your electrical panel if:

·    There is still a fuse box in the home. These boxes are commonly found in homes built before 1960.

·    Your home is 30+ years old or older. Most older homes have amps ranging from 60 to 100 amps. Newer built homes feature 200-amps that are more responsive to today’s lifestyles.

·    Lights go dim or flicker regularly.

·    The electrical panel trips frequently.

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·    The panel is overloaded, which is usually indicative by a warm panel.

·    You are selling the home.

·    You’re upgrading the appliances in the home.

·    There are bad odors coming out of the electrical panel.

Call a professional if the signs above suggest that an electrical panel upgrade could benefit your home.